Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Never Knew

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This is a new series on my blog called Mental Disorders: Everything You Never Knew. In each article published, I will explore the stigmas, misunderstandings and trivialisations surrounding various mental disorders, in an attempt to educate and breakdown the misconceptions surrounding them.

A friend of mine recently said to me, “ugh, that bouncer was so bipolar last weekend.” I stayed silent for a minute, feeling the all too familiar sinking feeling in my stomach.

I wanted to say, “No, don’t use that as an adjective. Bipolar is a serious mental illness that I SUFFER from, and I don’t appreciate the word being used lightly. Bipolar does not mean a person who is an asshole the one minute and nice the next. Bipolar does not mean changing weather. Bipolar does not mean moody. Honestly, I am sick of all of this!”

Of course I didn’t say this, because I am not the…

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