If my soul would be the ocean, my feelings would come from the unexplored depths, and they would be as powerful as the waves during a storm. Deep, intense, overwhelming, sinking my heart. How can one feel so deeply  and manage to keep their heart afloat? How can I stay afloat when I am engulfed in my feelings?

My heart sinks sometimes…and I need another heart to help me come back from the depths of my soul. But I am a heavy heart to carry. Are you strong enough?


One thought on “Depth

  1. The soul is for going deep. It is different from what is thought when the spirit is spoken of. The spirit is for going up; to rise up, heaven is up high, you lift me up, I raise my hands to the sky. The soul is for going down into the depths of hell. As there are stars in the sky we cannot fathom how many. So it is with the soul, we cannot fathom how low and deep it prepared to have you go. But fortunately it is like a phoenix that once reaches the bottom catches fire to rise from the ashes and bring you back to the surface again. Do not fight this fall. Go willingly into the abyss.


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