Back to my low days

It was so wonderful being in heaven for a couple of days. The energy, happiness, optimism. I was so productive and the future seemed so bright. I actually thought that my depression is gone and I felt like being born again, so full of life, love, magic.

And then, after 4 days, I was back to my depressed, lethargic self. I woke up like this. No warning. Waking up and feeling so heavy, feeling like it’s so hard to move. Doing everything at snail pace. Down, crying, not going to class, feeling inadequate and guilty.Looking back at the energetic me from a couple of days ago and wondering where that person has gone.

It’s like running up and down the stairs. One minute I am on top and I can run up and down so easily and so fast. The next moment I am at the bottom and I can barely crawl two steps. Exciting, isn’t it?


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