Sometimes, even if you do your best, things start crumbling inside yourself and around you. What to do? Get angry at the sky? Get angry at life? Cry?

People are going to hurt you, abandon you, reject you, misunderstand you, give up on you. How can one soul take so many hits and survive? It can! Because no matter what, there will be at least one person who’s there for you. And if you’re feeling all alone and left behind, disconnected and forgotten, you have yourself. You always have yourself.

“At the end of the day, you gotta carry your own weight” and you know what? You can!


4 thoughts on “Crumbling

      1. No, I have lost myself. I no longer care for much of anything I used to do.
        The only thing I care about is my dog. And what would happen to my dog if I died. Someone would slap him in the pound where he would eventually be euthanized.
        Many people think it is so easy.They tell me to JUST do this or do that. But I have already done that. Tried that.
        Divorce? I can’t even get to town.
        And he is so in hock with everything, I seriously doubt I could get a penny. I really don’t want money…just a acre to get a rv and grow a garden. And take up art again…I remember that hobby…
        I want to live. Like normal people do. You know, have fun doing something. I want to do more than breathe. I’ve been just breathing for years now. Breathing isn’t just really living. Who wants to just breathe?
        I have so much fun, I dream of going to flea markets in my dreams… wow.I guess im going to die just. Like my dad. Pretty much alone and no one gave a cr**.
        It’s not a pity party, just a statement. A fact.

        If I left, he would stop making payments on the vehicle. Then I would be homeless again in life. That has happened to me once already in my life. And I was pregnant and married at that time. He lost his job.
        I lost the baby on my birthday. So…I really dont want to go there again.
        Society thinks homeless people are bums that want to be that way. No, most do not. The majority do not. They wound up like that because they most likely lost a job, a house, or a illness they couldn’t pay for.
        Most people think that will never happen to them, but hard times will be coming, faster than you really think.
        People judge too much.
        At this point I’d rather not breathe. It is complicated and people do not understand. They always seem to think there is a simple answer.
        Oh I could dump my service dog And walk down the road. Should I????? I mean…..hes just a DOG.
        My conscience and morals will not let me do this to him. He depends on me. And I need him just as much as he needs me.
        Sorry, I cannot dump a dog. And then look them In the eyes. It is inhumane. And selfish.


  1. I am sorry you have to go through all these. Life is cruel. I can’t put myself in your shoes, but I do understand. I am young but I’ve had my fair share of trouble. I am mostly posting here because I am fighting my own demons and I strive to finish my posts in an encouraging way, in the hope that maybe people can relate and get a little message that they are not really alone.

    I am sorry if my post triggered bad feelings or anger. I am here if you need to talk. I wish you the best! All the best!


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