First of all, I am scared. Second of all, I am confused even if I enjoy this energy boost so much. Let me update you on my last 3 days:

-Insomnia is back and my sleeping medication doesn’t help much.

-I had a total of 12 hours of rest (in 3 days)

-On Saturday I had such a good mood, I was so energetic and hyper.

-Yesterday depression hit me full force, a lot of crying and almost no moving

Today I’m up again. I’m feeling like a bunny. Is this my body telling me that I’m getting better or is this my body telling me that I a bit more messed up than I thought I was?



5 thoughts on “Energy

    1. I am sorry to hear that! When mood swings interfere with your daily activities it’s pretty hard to function “normally” , plus they put a big stress on your body. I agree that taking care of your body is essential, it is actually a no brainer. Even so, extra help and effort is needed sometimes in order to overcome the difficulties!

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