Feeling too much


“Couldn’t relax, couldn’t sit back
And let the sunlight, in my lap
I sang a hymn
To bring me peace
And then it came, a melody

It felt so sweet
It felt so strong
It made me feel like
I belonged
And all the sadness inside me
Melted away
Like I was free ”

Started my day listening to this awesome song from Marina and the Diamonds and thinking about what a crazy week I had. Even if all these struggles sometimes make me feel alive…I am tired. I could use some peace, some clarity and more understanding.

I am this very concentrated cluster of emotion. You can’t see it on the outside most of the time, but I am restless. It is exhausting and exciting at the same time, the problem is that sometimes the exhaustion grows stronger than the excitement and the questions are overwhelming me.

All I ever wanted was to understand. To look a bit further than the facade. I guess I should be careful not to get myself lost inside your labyrinth while trying to understand you… But maybe I won’t because “I found what I’ve been looking for in myself”.




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