I wonder if any other depression and anxiety sufferers experience these violent mood swings like I do. I am going to offer you an example of a roller coaster day: wake up with my little cloud, quite hard to get out of bed. Manage to get out of bed and start my day and then it comes an energy boost :” I’m going to do so much, I’m feeling great!”. And so I start doing my things: exercise, learn, cook, draw, work on my projects.

At one point, anxiety strikes and I am sometimes very close to a panic attack and other times a full blow panic attack is debilitating me ( like 2 days ago). I go from lethargic to energetic and back on crying in a matter of minutes. This often happens more than one time throughout the day…

I am confused and trying to understand myself better. What is my brain trying to tell me? What am I doing wrong?


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