The restless nights

I was tired. Couldn’t wait to go to bed. I often consider sleep as being an escape. Comfortable in bed, hugging my pillow, warm and cozy. I can feel how my eyelids are getting heavier and there’s a feeling of relief washing over me.

Something happens. Thoughts. Random. Spinning and spinning and spinning. Ideas, inspiration…what’s wrong? I manage to fall asleep thinking of magnolia trees in bloom.

40 minutes. I slept for 40 minutes. I am wide awake now and I feel like leaving my bed and start doing something. Reading maybe. I decide not to and I manage to tame my thoughts a little bit. Another 30 minutes of sleep follow.

The pattern continues until the morning when I decide that I’m going to start my day even if I’m going to feel like a zombie. And then…sleep finally hits me. Full force. Deep sleep.

What year is it?


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