How to survive a day of anxiety

I know this sounds a bit like a “how to” tutorial, but it is not. I am still a beginner when it comes to this level of anxiety I got to experience in the last couple of days. I’m just going to share how I tackle it: I look it in the eye and do exactly what lady Anxiety says I can’t do.

The line she likes to tell me over and over again is : “If you’re going to go out, you’re going to have a panic attack, faint and get in the hospital again.” So, what do I do? I’ve always been the rebel so, I go out. Nothing too bad happened until now. Of course, there’s not always this easy.

Today was one of those days when it wasn’t so easy. Heart pounding like crazy, dizziness, and feeling like crying. Even so, I managed to tackle a couple of tasks and be grateful for this beautiful and sunny day. I think I deserve some ice cream :).


5 thoughts on “How to survive a day of anxiety

  1. Everyone is different, but I have found these to be good tools when you recognize a panic attack coming on:
    1.) Stop doing whatever you’re doing and go for a walk.
    2.) Snap your fingers while counting
    3.) Count backwards.
    4.) Rub your belly and pat your head.

    And Ice cream is always good!

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