Another day?

Can I call today as being a “day”? I guess I can, if I try really hard. I am feeling under the weather (this is an understatement).

Why? This week has been really busy. My brain was on fire. I climbed the Everest only to get in the depths of hell the next day. Sometimes these peaks and valleys occur so violently throughout the day and it takes a lot of effort to feel all this and be able to function.

I guess I needed a day off. It would have been better without the migraine, but maybe that’s just a way my body tells me to take it easy.

Hoping for better days and peace of mind.


One thought on “Another day?

  1. I also have a migraine today. I am grateful that it isn’t as bad as they used to be before I made diet changes. Now, I can still function and Tylenol 3 actually helps somewhat. I have had to eliminate quite a few foods in order to get to this point, but it is worth it. I’m posting about the diet changes if you want to visit.


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